Backstage Continues To Evolve

Many of you are aware that for the past few years I have been simplifying our retail selections and have been evolving efforts into other areas of business. After 38 years and retiring season approaching, I have made the very difficult decision to end the traditional method of retailing which Backstage has been providing. Backstage is very grateful now, to have the opportunity to provide services for a number of local business. I will now direct the majority of my time towards Backstage Business Services.

However, since I’m having a very difficult time in letting go of Backstage Retail and especially YOU our friends and customers, Backstage may experiment with the concept of a “Pop Up Shop”. I will announce more details in the next few weeks. So for the immediate future, I will continue to do business by appointment only as I have over the past few weeks. Many of you have my mobile number and can continue to text as you have. You may also private message me on Facebook.

To all Rothschild (now deRoeschiele) Customers!!. I will continue to sell for the remainder of 2015. The Rothschild manufacturer and I have been preparing for this transition for quite some time. Soon you will be able to buy this great product at other Retailers in New Iberia and the surrounding area. More on this in the next few weeks.

Also, At the beginning of 2016, the Backstage 3200 square feet space will become available for Rent. At present we are negotiating with a few prospective tenants. To help clarify the thought process in all of these changes, let me point out that to get a new tenant or tenants into the current Backstage space, we will have to start renovations sometime around this June or July. Traditional Backstage traditional retailing would require that Fall and Holiday buying be in process now. So, it is time to experiment with a new retail concept. Because Backstage may have access to future vacant retail spaces in different areas around town, the temporary “Pop Up Shop” concept needs to be considered.

I don’t know how to begin to thank all of you. Some of your families have supported Backstage for three and four generations. This is an very emotional time for me. I’m sad that the traditional method of doing business must end, but I’m very grateful and excited for Backstage’s future.


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