Our History

(Backstage opened in 1977. The above photo was taken in 1980 at which point the storefront had not changed from the 1977 opening.)

“How long have you been in business?”. That’s a question we get quite often. After a smile and a pause, I usually respond with…”One Year, 36 times!”

We’ve always approached each year with fresh eyes and open ears, in search of new ideas, as if it was our first year in business. We’ve seen fashion looks come and go. We’ve seen formidable competitors come and go. But one thing that doesn’t go out of style is “good old fashion service and customer appreciation”. It is extremely satisfying to have served some families for three and even four generations.

No doubt, no business can succeed without a satisfied customer. Besides having, the right product…. at the right time….and at the price….having great employees has been one our greatest assets. Customers love “to buy”, but hate to “be sold’. Our employees have been great over the years in helping customers “to buy” and feel appreciated.

Above is a photo of a sign that is still hanging in our alteration room. As workers we meant it to be humorous, but this attitude has helped us to survive, evolve and adapt.

Evolving and adapting, six years ago, Backstage assumed property management duties for the College Park Center in which we are located. Working with young employees has always been enjoyable, now we are in the position to work with young entrepreneurs (tenants) which is also satisfying.

Before I conclude this page, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the great Company Reps(salesman) who have helped us to always find the “Next Thing”.

Thank you to our customers, employees, reps and vendors. Without your help we would have no history to speak of.


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